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Liposuction in Chicago, Illinois

Liposuction involves the removal of localised fat cells from the body. Our doctor can consult and provide all levels of liposuction. From small area, minimally invasive, local anesthesia procedure

Liposuction works because it removes fat cells permanently. After puberty our bodies do not create new fat cells, instead when you gain weight you expand the fat cells you already have. Liposuction permanently removes fat cells to improve your body’s contour. Should you gain weight after liposuction, it goes to the fat cells that remain in your body. The fatty deposits that existed prior to liposuction are unlikely to balloon up out of proportion to the surrounding areas. For that reason it is better to think of liposculpture as permanent body contouring or body reshaping rather than a permanent weight loss or fat removal procedure.The most frequent areas treated by liposuction in men are the waist, chest, abdomen and neckline. In women they include the upper and lower back, arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, knees, lower leg, cheeks, and double chins.

Benefits of Liposuction

The most significant benefit to liposuction is the removal of fat that has been resistant to other forms of treatment such as exercising and dieting. An hour of liposuction procedure can do what many hours in the gym and failed diets could not. The fat that is removed is gone permanently. Recent research has shown that when fat is removed via liposuction it has certain health advantages, as well. Health advantages include improvements in diabetes and heart decease

From improved health to a better appearance, liposuction isn’t one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for nothing. The surgeon, by removing fat in strategic areas can help mold your body into the shape you want, get the jump on the weight loss you’ve been struggling to start or remove the last few pounds you’ve been trying to lose, remove cellulite, and help you remain at a healthy weight.

The most important benefit comes from within, with satisfaction and confidence of feeling good about your body whether it’s in a bathing suit or a slimming outfit. The results from the procedure can cause a sort of spark within a person’s demeanor and can completely alter the way they interact with people and view themselves. Liposuction continues to generate a special brand of electricity, which is why this procedure remains very popular.

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